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For 50 years LP has created the best percussion instruments including congas, timbales, cowbells, shakers, drum set add-ons & more. It's a story that centers on the fiery Latin rhythms that were pulsing in the after hour Jazz clubs in NYC of the 1950s and a young mechanical engineer from the Bronx named Martin Cohen. Martin became a student of the 1960's Latin music scene and wanted a set of bongos of his own.
Because of the trade embargo with Cuba, he realized how difficult it was to find good Afro-Cuban instruments in the US. Cohen turned his engineering skills towards creating a set of bongos. Through many trials and errors and the input from the musicians he created his first prototype. Cohen's commitment from the beginning has been authenticity in sound and uniqueness in design
What began over ffity years ago with a simple set of bongos, has evolved into the most complete collection of percussion instruments available today. The Latin Percussion collection includes seven brands: LP, LP Matador, LP Aspire, CP, World Beat, LP Music Collection and LP Rhythmix



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