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Meinl MCM1 Cajon Mallet small head

Meinl Cajon Mallet Small Head

A lightweight wood-handled mallet with small foam rubber head for use with Cajon drums

  • £11.25
  • RRP £12.50
  • Save £1.25
Meinl MCM4 Cajon Shaker Mallet

Meinl Cajon Shaker Mallet

A lightweight hollow handled mallet with shaker filling for use with Cajon drums

  • £16.99
  • RRP £18.50
  • Save £1.51

Meinl Cajon Spinner

Cajon players may freely change direction on their instrument with the MEINL Cajon Spinner. This sturdy platform allows you to turn 360 degrees on your cajon, making it effortless to reach other percussion instruments during your set. The spinner is designed to always maintain flat contact with the ground so players feel stable and centered on their cajon. The birch construction also makes for a great resonating surface

  • £24.95
Meinl Deluxe Make Your Own Kit

Meinl Deluxe Make Your Own Kit

The MEINL Deluxe Make Your Own Cajon complete assembly kit featuring a stunning Bubinga playing surface accompanies a solid Birch resonating body to deliver superior sound quality and a remarkable appearance. All of the materials and tools for completing the cajon are included in this one-stop deluxe package. Detailed instructions will guide you through every step of this fun project

  • £61.95
Meinl TMGS frameless gong stand

Meinl Gong Stand - frameless

Sturdy but frameless Gong stand which allows greater access to the side of the instrument for the player. Suits gongs up to 32" diameter

  • From £164.95
Meinl HSH Heel Shaker

Meinl Heel Shaker

The MEINL Heel Shaker provides a hands free option by fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn. Simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. It's a great accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and singer/songwriters

  • £11.95

Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon

A unique lightweight x-shaped cajon with two contrasting playing surfaces giving the option of either a snare sound or a drier sound (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)

  • £63.95
Meinl Travel series synthetic djembe

Meinl Mechanically Tuned Travel Series Djembes, Synthetic Head (size options)

The new MEINL Travel Series Mechanical Tuned Djembes are great drums for professionals as well as those who just want to enjoy an afternoon playing at home or with a drum circle. These patented djembes are ultra-lightweight which makes them easy to carry. The combination of a synthetic head and shell produces sharp slaps along with deep bass tones and makes them the perfect drum for outdoor use since they are unaffected by changes in weather. Utilize the mechanical tuning system to easily alter the pitch, even while playing.

  • From £72.00
Meinl Slap-Top Cajon with pickup

Meinl Pick-up Slap-Top Cajon

Meinl Slap-Top Cajon with electric pickup featuring bass treble and volume controls - can be used acoustically or with the pickup

  • £132.00
Meinl Sea Drum, 22 inch

Meinl Sea Drum, 22 inch

The MEINL Sea Drums create the soothing sounds of the surf, with a great new feature: they sealed the little steel balls between two drum heads, one synthetic and the other natural goatskin. This means you can choose between two completely different timbres within the same drum. A seal-able filling port allows you to control the amount of steel balls inside. (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)

  • £103.00
Meinl SnareBoX foot pedal snare drum

Meinl SnareBoX

Another innovative accessory from Meinl - this small box can attach to most drum pedals to allow rhythmic accompaniment for guitarists and performers of all kinds

  • £64.95
  • RRP £74.95
  • Save £10.00
Meinl Subwoofer Cajon

Meinl Subwoofer Cajon

The MEINL Subwoofer Cajon features a forward projecting sound port in place of the traditional rear facing style and an internal reflex channel. This results in an enhanced bass note projection, particularly desirable for live and unplugged situations

  • £116.00
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