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Ear Protection

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Thunderplugs Pro Ear Plugs

Thunderplugs Pro Earplugs

Pro Thunderplugs Pack. PRO Thunder Plugs offer even more filtering and sound quality than the original Thunder Plugs, with up to 25dB noise reduction. The Pro Pack comes with everything you need to keep your Thunder Plugs at the ready when the noise gets too loud but you want to listen to the music – safely

  • £14.45
  • RRP £16.95
  • Save £2.50
  • Designed to protect against Tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears)
  • You and your fellow percussionists are encouraged to use earplugs habitually
  • Earplugs are made and used worldwide and the most reliable comparative system is the SNR number
  • SNR stands for SINGLE NUMBER RATIO and is quoted in decibels dB
  • The higher the SNR, the more noise is cut out.
  • Some ear plugs with lower SNR are used to reduce noise without effecting the fidelity of the sound

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