Our internet service is still running to supply all your stay-at-home musical requirements

We are a small team and the warehouse is being operated by one person with admin being carried out at home guarantee maximum productivity and the well being of our staff and customers

Our couriers and the Post Office have also instituted contactless deliveries and collections

Following government guidelines, we have temporarily closed our small showroom area

Knock on Wood Ltd is a company of musicians and music enthusiasts originally established in 1980. 

We are based now in a warehouse in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and we offer a unique range of instruments, recordings and tuition materials from hundreds of sources around the world, from Fair Trade operations in Africa and Latin America to some big name brands such as LP, Pearl, Meinl, Toca, Gope, RMV, Liverpool, Izzo, Contemporanea, Schlagwerk, Kambala, Vintage and Tanglewood

Below : New York Mill, Summerbridge - home of Knock on Wood

Knock On Wood, Summerbridge

We are a business run by musicians for musicians, so whether you need a top quality djembe drum, a handmade xylophone, a sweet toned kalimba, a noseflute or a complete Brazilian samba kit we have played it, compared it, taken it to pieces and put it back together again! There's plenty of tuition to help you on your way - tutors for didjeridu, bodhran, bongo, conga, darabuka, tabla, marimba, mbira, samba, djembe or cajon.

We can't claim to be experts in every field of world music, just enthusiasts who are keen to make a wider world of music accessible to all, with respect and support to the communities of origin. So we wish you a happy shopping experience at Knock on Wood with sound and video samples to help you with your choices

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