Learning a stringed instrument is a skill most of us would secretly love to have. Whether you are  solo, in an orchestra or in a band, the sound of a stringed instrument can fill up a room, and we  have a great selection here that can teach memory, skill and teamwork from an early age right up  to the experienced expert.

Many people simply think of stringed instruments as a guitar, but we have a range of wooden  instruments for kids and more experienced musicians, that are perfect for teaching that ‘next level’ of musical craft. We also stock a variety of specialist items for any manner of band or genre within  our unique selection of guitars and stringed instruments.

We stock mandolins and mandolas, bouzoukis and banjos, ukuleles, sitars, ouds, koras  and ngonis, harps, zithers, autoharps, cimbalas and many others.

Prepare to be amazed by the families of instruments in our online music instrument shop, and  check out the drums, percussion instruments and wind instruments to go with them, that can very  quickly set you up in your own band.