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20cm Bodhran tipper with carving


23cm Bodhran tipper with multi-grip


GR1696A Rosewood Bodhran Beater


Single ended Bodhran tipper 18cm length


Glenluce Bodhran Beater Blackwood

Waltons bodhran skin conditioning cream

Padded, quilted carry bag (9cm deep) for Frame Drums and Shamanic Drums in 5 sizes between 14" and 22" diameter

From £15.95

A carry bag for 16" Bodhrans up to 8" deep

Thicker, 22" white Calf vellum - hairless vellum skin. Good for Bodhrans, frame drums etc up to 18"

Strong padded carry bag for frame drums with grab handle and shoulder strap, available in 6 sizes for 14 to 24 inch drums, up to 4 inches depth

From £21.95

Irish Bodhran Drum with Hardwood Body and free bag

From £24.95

Excellent quality padded bag suitable for bodhrans or frame drums up to 6 inches deep. It has a carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap


Rosewood Bodhran drum with fine brass inlay, free bag and beater

From £49.00

Very well padded quality frame drum bag with extra depth for deeper drums. Adjustable shoulder strap, carry handle and quality zip


18inch Tunable Bodhran with Brass inlay and free bag

RRP £74.95
Save £10.00

Fabulous tunable deep shell bodhran from Meinl

  • Bodhrans, bodhran bags and tippers (bodhran sticks)
  • 14", 16", 18" bodhrans with Plain or Celtic style finish
  • Bodhrans bags and tippers from Ashbury, TKL, Glenluce and Meinl
  • Simple budget bags and protective padded bags