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3 Pairs of Glockenspiel Beaters


Colourful Glockenspiel for children with 8 notes - plays one octave in the key of C


Glockenspiel for Children, 8 Note


Great value 12 note metallophone with keys colour dodes according to the widely used system also employed with boomwhackers


25 key Chromatic Glockenspiel

RRP £29.99
Save £6.04

27 key Chromatic Glockenspiel with coloured metal notebars and plastic carry-case

RRP £36.95
Save £7.00

25 Note Glockenspiel in Pink Case

RRP £37.99
Save £6.04
Angel Glockenspiel, 25 Note(G2-G4)

26 Note Glockenspiel with case and beaters

RRP £41.99
Save £6.04

Rainbow glockenspiel – diatonic C major scale


Auris Pentatonic 7 note glockenspiel


Chimalong Tubular Glockenspiel

Auris Glock with brass notes

Great value chromatic glockenspiel. Over two octaves


D Pentatonic Curved Glockenspiel with unmarked notebars and 'pure fifths' tuning


Pure Tone Auris Diatonic Glockenspiel with 12 brass notes from C to G

Pipedream Metallophone

Lovely little Gamelan style instrument for kids - It has a good sound, and is hand made in Bali, Indonesia


Soprano Chromatic Half Glockenspiel from Percussion Plus (Allow 3-5 days for delivery)

ONLY ONE LEFT !! Percussion Plus 'Harmony' Chromatic Soprano Glockenspiel - 22 notes built onto a flat wooden frame. Range C64 to A85
Great value chromatic glockenspiel or bell set with carry case and mallets

Soprano Diatonic Glockenspiel by Percussion Plus (Allow 3-5 days for delivery)


Alto Diatonic Glockenspiel from Percussion Plus (Allow 3-5 days for delivery)


'Glockenspiel' - from the  German 'Glock' / bell   and  'Spiel' / play

Glocks have metal notes on a frame - here's our selection