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3.5cm long tamborim lug, nut and bracket


Lovely pair of coconut wood castanets connected by nylon cord. Coconut wood makes a great alternative to using diminishing hardwood and produces a brighter, crisp sound

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The MEINL Sonic Enery Singing Bowl Resonant Mallets are manufactured to have an even playing surface to create a steady friction when run round the singing bowl rim


Our traditional tambourines are the perfect instruments for beginner percussionists and great for getting children excited about beats and rhythms.


These are super looking, hand painted cass cass in bright colours.You shake them and knock them against each other. A traditional W African instrument made in Bali.


Schwarz traditional jaw harps are Austrian made and have been manufactured by hand for the last 400 years by the same family business. They are beautifully finished and have excellent tone. Their simple, evocative sound is a great accompaniment to guitar or voice.

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    Product Features
  • Traditional Irish Penny Whistle
  • Mellow tone
  • Made from high quality materials

Bargain recorder pack comprising John Pitt's 'Recorder from the Beginning' book and a colourful descant recorder


A 3-flute roll up bag with velcro strips for fastening, perfect for travel between home and gigs or sessions. designed to keep your flutes and whistles safe from knocks and dents.


Deluxe Black Djembe Hat


These whistling tubes or ‘noise-makers’ will keep children entertained for hours, whilst also demonstrating the fascinating physics behind music.

Simply twirl the red tube around and the air moving through it produces a range of tones, loosely on the harmonic scale. When you twirl faster a higher tone is produced.


This classic tambourine is an essential for the music classroom. An ideal instrument for getting kids involved with beats and rhythms.


The strong durable wood and hemi-sphere shape are designed for the perfect sound


Wooden base connecting two stainless steel spoons designed for easy use 


Nylon drumstick bag in black


Padded cotton djembe hat with Knock on Wood Logo


Deluxe Black Djembe Hat

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Padded deluxe djembe bag with reinforced top and Knock on Wood Logo


The type of stick you use for sounding a singing bowl can make a huge difference to the sound characteristics. This doule ended beater from Meinl gives with a choice between harder rubber at one end and softer felt at the other


Knock on Wood "Zen" Windchime in black. A simple, elegant metal windchime, crafted from metal. A great addition to any garden.


A beautiful instrument that creates a soothing sound in the wind.


Five medium sized rustic ironwork bells suspended on a length of thick twine decorated with large glass beads. This great chime acts like a windchime producing a quietly pleasing metallic sound.


Tingsa or Tingsha are two small cymbals that are used by Buddhists during offerings, prayer and meditation. The cymbals are generally joined together by a leather strap and produce a clear, high pitched ringing tone when struck together.

In addition to their ancient traditional use as an aid to meditation and in ritual offerings, tingsa are nowadays being used increasingly in sound therapy for the “space - clearing” of rooms.

This pair has been delightfully cast with a flower of life design