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Plain Wooden Drum Beater for use with large drums such as Surdo, Dunduns, other Bass drums


Attractive finger-style drum from Vietnam

From £10.95

Pair of LP Hickory Timbale Sticks 13" x 0.5"


Oak Bachi Sticks for Taiko (pair)


Made from Canadian hard rock maple , the Taku Hirano Performer Series Taiko Sticks are of traditional length and have a hardness and density that can hold up to strikes on the drum rim, yet are thin enough for control at high velocity, and for stick flips and flourishes.

RRP £39.95
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Padded case for 32cm Miya Daiko

Long-leg stand for surdos

Padded case for 48cm Miya Daiko
32" almost hairless cowskin for Djun or Taiko
RRP £94.95
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Junior Taiko or Daiko style drum with sticks

From £79.00

A flat drum on a detachable metal tripod with a specially designed beech wood frame and dark synthetic head. Produces a deep, warm sound. 

From £89.00

Miya Daiko with Natural finish and 40cm skin. This drum is 43cm tall and is supplied with 2 bachi sticks

  • Taiko drums, accessories, and recordings
  • By some estimates, there are 8,000 Taiko groups in Japan
  • Taiko drumming has spread around the world as drummers are drawn to the power and excitement (not to mention the aerobic workout) of Taiko drumming.
  • "Taiko" literally means fat drum however there are many shapes and sizes of Taiko drums.
  • Once you've experienced a session playing on these powerful Japanese drums you'll be hooked