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Colourful Bamboo Jaws Harp

From £2.35
Croaking Frog effect- the frog can be made to croak by gently turning the handle with slight tension on the string

Strong, flexible tube which produces different overtones as you whirl it faster and faster through the air (price is for one tube)


Pellet drum (monkey drum) with a 3" head and ancient South American Nazca


Pellet Hand-Drum with Mayan Chief Design

From £3.95

Double Sided Monkey Drum or Pellet Drum - spin the handle between your palms to make the head rotate with the pellets striking the skins. This one has Sun & Moon decoration airbrushed on either side


The original Cactus rainmaker from Chile

The thicker rainsticks don't have the coloured band

From £4.95

A unique style of thunder drum made with a recycled water bottle reinforced with raffia weaving. Surprisingly effective.


Schwarz traditional jaw harps are Austrian made and have been manufactured by hand for the last 400 years by the same family business. They are beautifully finished and have excellent tone. Their simple, evocative sound is a great accompaniment to guitar or voice.

From £5.49

Wooden nose flutes in either white or black wood - an amazing range of sounds can be made by nose flutes

From £5.50

Hand Shaker made with 2 Juju Beans on a small stick - they work singly but are best played in pairs


Remo Thunder Tube, tie-dye design

Brass Jaw Harp with lovely low sound and free box
RRP £16.95
Save £7.00

21 bar lightweight chimes with elaborate carved top


This hardwood Japanese Kokiriko (also known as a pocket rattle) produces a lovely sounding rattle sound and is perfect for smaller children due to smaller size and the fun noise it produces. The sound effect is like falling dominos but lots of other effects and rhythms can be created depending upon how fast or slow it is played


A 10 inch Wave Drum from Percussion Plus in which the internal beads rolls around making the sound of waves


Goki Ocean drum for Children

  • Sound Effects include a wide variety of weird and wonderful sound makers to add a splash of musical colour to your musical pallette
  • With names such as vibratone, flextone, vibraslap, helix bowl or liquid triangle, they can add a distinctive sound to your music, be used in imaginative music making or storytelling with children or just to frighten the neighbours!