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Simple waist belt drum strap with 2 clip hooks - suitable for snare drums in samba drumming


Sling strap for one shoulder


Multi-purpose drum strap that takes the weight of your drum on both shoulders for comfortable playing whilst standing. Adjustable and available in various colours


Artcelsior Padded Surdo Sling


Thicker padded, adjustable double shoulder drum strap harness


Deluxe padded multi instrument drum strap


Single shoulder drum sling with large buckle, metal eyelets and a single open hook. Can be used with samba drums or djembe


Macapart Shoulder Sling V-series. Thick woven material with single open hook. Designed for all samba drums, or use with a djembe


Macapart Waist Belt for drummers. Adjustable length and featuring 2 open hooks. Suitable for surdo, repenique, caixa snare drums etc


Padded double shoulder drum strap


Deluxe wide padded single shoulder drum sling with open hook. Suitable for samba drums and djembe


Kalango Adjustable Hip Belt Strap in three sizes - a popular waist belt drum strap available in three sizes. Features 2 open hooks and belt loops to hold your beaters


Padded double shoulder drum strap


A multi-function waist belt strap for drummers that can be used with many African and Brazilian drums using the strong open metal hooks and side straps


Meinl SB-R double clip samba belt

  • Drum slings, drum straps and waist belts for all samba instruments, including surdo, repenique, caixa and timba
  • Many straps are also useful for djembes, ashikos and other drums
  • They are all adjustable and can be single shoulder slings or double shoulder straps or double ended waist straps