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Deluxe Black Djembe Hat


Deluxe Black Djembe Hat


Padded deluxe djembe bag with reinforced top and Knock on Wood Logo


Padded bag suitable suitable for Darbuka or small Djembe, and fitted with shoulder strap

Knock on Wood Standard Djembe Bag. A good bag for lighter weight djembes. Great for carrying your drum on shorter trips to classes and gigs etc. Padded quilted nylon outer. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps. Grab handle. Hanging loop. Generous base sizes. Exterior pockets for keys, tuner etc. Available in 2 sizes.
From £19.95

One-off designs so don't order more than one of each pattern.

Knock on Wood Padded djembe bag suitable for carrying your drum to classes, events and gigs - available in 3 sizes, and fitted with shoulder straps
From £21.95

Padded Djembe bags for lighter weight djembe drums - available in three sizes - please check below -

From £22.95
African Zebra-Stripe Djembe Bags in 2 sizes for small and medium djembes

12-13inch Djembe Bag for Kambala Djembes


14-15 inch Djembe Bag for Kambala Djembes in colourful design

RRP £34.95
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Vibrant patterned djembe bags with straps from Afroton, the perfect accompaniment for your djembe. An extremely practical bag to go with your personal style.

From £51.95

Professional djembe bag from Mali made from hand-woven Bogolan cloth


Heavy duty, wide-base, professional djembe bag with lots of padding and reinforcement, designed for large djembes

RRP £69.95
Save £5.00