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6cm Painted Frog guiro instrument


Frog Scraper Guiro, Extra Small


PP3222 Mini wood guiro and shaker combination

From £6.95

Yellow Painted Frog Guiro Scraper or Woodblock

From £7.95

Triple Sound Effect in the shape of a cat


Red Painted Frog Guiro Scraper

From £9.95

Carved and decorated gourd rainstick shaker


Inspired by traditional Mexican guiros, this fantastic instrument creates a wonderful ratchet like, scraping sound with its hollow body resonating chamber. The instrument also features decorative detailing and a glossy paintjob evocative of the Mexican flag


Painted Frog Guiro Scraper & Woodblock

From £11.95

Carved wooden crocodile guiro scraper


Hollow fibreglass guiro & wooden scraper to produce the classic latin machete rhythm


Ridged metal washboard in a strong wooden frame with three free thimbles for your fingers. Great for sound effects or country music bands - 45cm tall


Latin Percussion Guiro/ Jam block


Latin Percussion Multi Guiro


Washboard by Percussion Plus
(Allow 3-5 days for delivery)

RRP £139.00
Save £22.00
  • The guiro, used in cumbia and salsa music is the most famous scraper, whether in the original form of a long gourd with parallel notches played with a stick (or pua), or modern versions in wood, plastic, metal and fibreglass
  • Other scrapers include various frog, crocodile, bird or fish shaped woodblocks with ridged surfaces, the washboard played in cajun and zydeco music and the Brazilian reco reco