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The space-saving wall mounted Rainbow Trio Ensemble is perfect for toddlers and younger children to discover music and express themselves with rhythm, melody, and tone.

Occupying less space than the full-size instruments this bright and inviting ensemble requires less budget too – making them appealing for smaller establishments such as nursery schools, pre-schools and kindergartens. Easy to securely fix to a wall, fence or play structure, you can even bring the outdoors in by installing the instruments indoors.

Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


The Soprano Quartet is the perfect choice for those projects where you need to squeeze the most out of your budget and create a resounding impact.
This mixed quartet of instruments comprises our compact but punchy Cadenza, a Babel Drum and Soprano Pentatonic Freechimes. Spanning 2 octaves from middle C to C6, players will be making harmonious music together almost instantly. The set also includes a pair of Congas to help keep a steady beat going 

Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


Our most popular ensemble is an impressive and striking trio of 7 Tubular Bells, our ever popular Large Babel Drum and the anchor of rhythm, the Rainbow Sambas.
With a variety of pitch range and tonal character everyone is sure to have their own favourite
Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


The Alto Quartet Ensemble is the bigger sibling to the Soprano Quartet Ensemble, an ideal solution for when you’ve got more space to play with and a little more budget.
This quartet is comprised of the Duo Cupla – offering both aluminium and fibreglass notes, a towering set of 3 Emperor Chimes, our Alto Diatonic Freechimes and a complete Congas Trio.
This set can be installed all together or can easily be split up into smaller musical ensembles. The Diatonic Freechimes give an additional dimension to this quartet allowing further musical exploration
Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


The Quintet Ensemble of musical instruments offers a well-rounded range of tones and resonance.

Anyone can take the stage and play improvised music with no tuition or acknowledged musical ability. This pentatonic set offers a varied range of tones, and sounds blend effortlessly into beautiful music.

Comprising Cherub, Sansa-Rimba, the warm tones of the Akadinda and a set of 7 Tubular Bells all accompany the Rainbow Sambas.

Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


This hardy and robust 6 piece ensemble is created predominantly from stainless steel - able to withstand the toughest of environments yet featuring graceful and sculptural lines

Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


Our biggest and most diverse arrangement, the Septet Ensemble features the greatest pitch range of any musical ensemble we have created, from the low C3 through 4 complete octaves to high C7. Despite the title, there are actually nine instruments in the set

Prices include VAT. Delivery time 2-4 weeks


Save time and Money with these fantastic package ensembles from Percussion Play

Percussion Play Ensembles are a great way to get you project moving quickly without the stress and complications of having to agree what to choose! However but they also have the added advantage of saving you not only the time but also saving on cost.

Percussion Play offer package ensembles in which all instruments work together harmoniously, however we also have options which add an additional dimension and allow further musical exploration