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Single Egg Shaker


Egg shakers with wrist strap (pair)


Pair of egg maracas with short handle


Pair of Long Handle Egg Maracas


Pair of Frog Maracas in Red


LP Glow in the Dark Egg Shakers (Pair)


PP3222 Mini wood guiro and shaker combination


6 shaky eggs in an egg box with all white eggs


6 shaky eggs in an egg box with mixed colours


Larger, longer and better than most other banana themed fruity shakers . . . A good 8 inches in length - Fruity !!

RRP £8.95
Save £2.00

Pair of mini wooden hand-held shakers designed to look like little Cajon drums

RRP £8.95
Save £1.00

Pair of Rainbow Striped Maracas


Double Headed Wooden Rainbow Maracas


LP’s Big Egg Shakers are constructed with wipe-clean plastic and are approximately 3” in diameter. They are filled with non-toxic steel shot and produce big shaker sound. Available in black and red.


Set of 3 Animal Shakers

The NINO® “Fruit & Vegetable” Shakers are made from a high quality plastic material filled with a specially nice sounding substance. These fruit and vegetable imitations look amazingly real and create a great variety of sounds.
  • Musical shakers for kids either in the classical form of maracas, or disguised as frogs and caterpillars