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14 inch Mallet beater for use with gathering drums, shaman drums, and other large frame drums. Can also be used on other drums. Soft felt head on a 36cm shaft

Kids Surdo Beater - lightweight and smaller size for children. Has many other uses - eg for gathering drums and large shaman drums, frame drums, even dunduns


A great medium weight fabric headed mallet for many percussion uses


Wound Mallets for Bass and Alto xylophone


Percussion Plus PP074 Timpani Mallets with soft head


Goat skin (unshaved)
(Various colours)


Multi-player Circular Gathering Drum

From £59.00

Rhythm Carnival Gathering Drum 16 x 8"


Remo Kid's Gathering Drum, 18 x 8inches



Remo Gathering Drum, 22 x 8inch


Large Octagonal Gathering Drum for multi-person pow-wows!

From £149.00

Sturdy gathering drum 22 x 21 inch (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Multi-player Circular Gathering Drum on Legs


Shamanic Gathering group drum for multiple drummers, with folding stand

From £249.95
  • Ritual gathering drums can be played by several people at the same time
  • Gathering drums tend to be large enough for three or more people to play
  • Can be used during shamanic rituals
  • Gathering drums are popular in pre-school music education and in community drum circles