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Plain end wooden beater for tamborim, agogo or general use


Multi-use plain-ended stick 30cm x 15mm. Can be used for Repenique, small Taiko, general percussion, woodblocks, cowbells etc

Hickory Timbale Sticks, 40cm x 12mm (16 x 3/8")
RRP £4.99
Save £1.00

Remo Lollipop Drum Mallets

From £6.20

Nylon drumstick bag in black


Pair of LP Hickory Timbale Sticks 13" x 0.5"


Regal Tip Classic 7A Hickory drumsticks with Nylon Tips

RRP £14.49
Save £3.54

Regal Tip Classic Jazz Model 111NT Hickory drumsticks with Nylon Tips

RRP £14.49
Save £3.54

Regal Tip classic series wood tip drumsticks (Pair)

RRP £14.49
Save £3.54
Pair of 5A wood-tip maple drum sticks, reversible for use as percussion mallets
This woolly-style, lined 'Ditty bag' can be used with our medium sized Dondo talking drums, to carry small percussion items or for general personal use

Firestix Drumsticks, Pair

RRP £19.95
Save £5.00

Maple drum sticks (pack of 12 pairs)

Regal Tip Fan Grip Thai Sticks

Great value brick of hickory drumsticks. Compact, shorter length than standard for students or players who prefer a shorter reach

Starter drum stick selection with stick bag
12 Mixed Pairs of Hickory drum-sticks

12 pairs of hickory drumsticks


Sticks, rods, brushes and stickbags