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Quality snare side drum heads for the bottom side of your snare drum

From £3.95

Strong white nylon 6" tamborim head available in 2 thicknesses

From £3.95

RMV White nylon drumheads for Samba drums, made in Brasil

From £4.95

White Nylon drum heads for samba drums Repinique, Caixa Snare, Timba, Tantan, Surdo etc. Made in Brazil

From £5.95

Super Grossa - Extra Thick Nylon Drum Heads for Samba drums

From £7.95

Silent Tamborim Head 6"


Meinl 6" Tamborim Head


Transparent nylon snare side drum heads made in Brasil


Muffle (practice) mesh heads from Pearl

From £11.95

LP Tamborim head


Reinforced nylon samba drums heads from Brazil with fibrous backing

From £13.95

Remo Diplomat Drum Head Clear drum heads


Remo Pinstripe drumheads - a classic bestselling head with great durability

From £19.95

Meinl White Nylon Drum Heads

From £21.95
From £24.95

Remo Fiberskyn 3 drum head

From £26.95

 Nylon samba drum heads from RMV, Meinl Izzo etc