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A tool which can be used to tune our kalimbas yourself.


Padded oval carry bag for your Sansula


Padded carry bag for your sansula


Hokema Sansula standard model kalimba

Hokema Sansula (standard model) Kalimba with padded bag
RRP £88.90
Save £6.95
Hokema Sansula with alternative tunings

Gift set with Sansula, Carry Case and Tuition Book/CD

RRP £106.85
Save £11.85

9 note Kalimbula with wood sound board and ceramic bowl - fitted with internal mike


Sansula with Remo Renaissance Head


Hokema Sansula Deluxe adjustable


Gift set with Deluxe Sansula, bag and tuition book & CD pack

RRP £176.85
Save £16.85

Hokema Sansula Deluxe adjustable model with padded bag


The Sansula Renaissance has a robust Remo membrane and a gorgeous sound. The addition of the quality pickup allows the player to compete with other amplified instruments and to add effects and loops if desired