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Bamboo Bird Whistle


Plastic Kazoo gives a great humming sound


Groan Tube - an acoustic toy that makes a high pitched groaning sound when you tip it end up


Colourful Bamboo Jaws Harp


Metal Kazoo with screw-down cap and replaceable membrane


Strong, flexible tube which produces different overtones as you whirl it faster and faster through the air (price is for one tube)

From £3.95

Classic Tin Kazoo with 2 part meatl body and replaceable membrane


Metal Kazoo, Boxed


Wooden nose flutes in either white or black wood - an amazing range of sounds can be made by nose flutes

From £5.50
From £5.95

These whistling tubes or ‘noise-makers’ will keep children entertained for hours, whilst also demonstrating the fascinating physics behind music.

Simply twirl the red tube around and the air moving through it produces a range of tones, loosely on the harmonic scale. When you twirl faster a higher tone is produced.


Simple design transparent slide whistle that makes it crystal clear why the sound is changing when you move the plunger . . Fun to play !

RRP £7.99
Save £1.04

Bocarina Nose flute in quality plastic. If there was such a thing as a professional nose flute player this is the one they would use!


Triple Sound Effect in the shape of a cat


Jaw Harp with tuition CD


Old fashioned brass taxi horn gives a loud, brash 'honk' when you squeeze the rubber bulb


A good quality plastic slide whistle


Attractive, old fashioned brass taxi horn. Squeeze the rubber bulb sharply to  produce the loud and raucous honking sound


From a fart whistle to a fairy flute . . . . 

From a stadium horn to a bicycle horn . . . .

Birds, cats, monkeys, even elephants  . . .