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Bamboo Bird Whistle


Plastic Kazoo gives a great humming sound


Groan Tube - an acoustic toy that makes a high pitched groaning sound when you tip it end up


Colourful Bamboo Jaws Harp


Whirly, whistling tube sound effect - A single tube allows three tones to be played by whirling it round your head or in front of you


Metal Kazoo with screw-down cap and replaceable membrane


Strong, flexible tube which produces different overtones as you whirl it faster and faster through the air (price is for one tube)

From £3.95

Classic Tin Kazoo with 2 part meatl body and replaceable membrane


Metal Kazoo, Boxed

40 page book to help you learn the Jew's Harp or Jaw Harp

Wooden nose flutes in either white or black wood - an amazing range of sounds can be made by nose flutes

From £5.50

Wooden gecko with a voice

From £5.95

Simple design transparent slide whistle that makes it crystal clear why the sound is changing when you move the plunger . . Fun to play !

RRP £7.99
Save £1.04

Bocarina Nose flute in quality plastic. If there was such a thing as a professional nose flute player this is the one they would use!


Metal Horn with Single Tone


Triple Sound Effect in the shape of a cat


Set of 5 Water Flutes for Kids of all ages


Jaw Harp with tuition CD


Old fashioned brass taxi horn gives a loud, brash 'honk' when you squeeze the rubber bulb


From a fart whistle to a fairy flute . . . . 

From a stadium horn to a bicycle horn . . . .

Birds, cats, monkeys, even elephants  . . .