Drums might strike you as the most basic musical instrument, but they create atmosphere and  can be truly euphoric. There is a huge variety of shapes and sizes of drums and we stock many of  them at Knock On Wood.

People looking for musical instruments for kids often start with drums. Our selection demonstrates  the intricate craftsmanship and globe-spanning origin of drums that makes them a fantastic  educational tool. Children can learn about cultures, rhythm and working as a team through the  mastery of simple drum rhythms, and many of our hand drums for sale contribute to school  education and other learning establishments.

Our range includes African drums, Samba drums, Indian drums, Latin drums, Shaman drums,  Cajons and many more. Drumming at its basic level can contribute to a sense of wellbeing and  balance, and in a more advanced form can be a serious musical force in its own right.

We can advise on a collection of drums that work together, and we can point you towards other  percussion instruments, stringed instruments and wind instruments that will complement each  other. Every piece of music should start with rhythm and our collection of drums will certainly start  your foot tapping and your heart beating.