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From £2.35

Pellet drum (monkey drum) with a 3" head and ancient South American Nazca


Pellet Hand-Drum with Mayan Chief Design


Double Sided Monkey Drum or Pellet Drum - spin the handle between your palms to make the head rotate with the pellets striking the skins. This one has Sun & Moon decoration airbrushed on either side


Tiny painted djembe


Double headed pellet drum with a handle, in the Susibelle colour scheme


Remo Lollipop Drum Mallets

From £6.20

A great medium weight fabric headed mallet for many percussion uses


Small wooden djembe drum for children - just 8" tall. Can be used as a finger drum for your desk


Simple but effective small size wave drum or ocean drum


Attractive finger-style drum from Vietnam

From £10.95

A unique style of hand drum in bright lollipop style colours

From £10.95

A 10 inch Wave Drum from Percussion Plus in which the internal beads rolls around making the sound of waves


Goki Ocean drum for Children


Have fun while learning! The Halilit Super Drum is made with a special drumskin for a beautiful resonant tone with every beat. Colours vary. Suitable from ages 18 months +


Children's tin drum. Though the drum shell is metal, you will probably be pleased to know that the drums heads on this attractive little drum are made of a much more mellow sounding fabric which is easy on the ears!


Kids' Tin Drum


Thunderplugs Bananamuffs block 25dB of sound so parents and kids can enjoy concerts and other noisy activities together.  They are appropriate for a wide range of applications, from live music, to travel, to fireworks shows. Bananamuffs are adjustable so they fit as your child grows.


'Susibelle' Marching Drum


Kids Drum Tunable


Colourful Marching Drum for children. This drum measures 8 x 8" and comes complete with carry strap and beaters


The Remo Rhythm Club Bongo Set is a fun, colourful and durable product from the Remo Rhythm Club range. Utilizing an acousticon (weather resilient) shell and a Remo Renaissance head the Rhythm Club Bongos gives a professional and authentic sound without the hefty price tag. Whether being used in a school or at home the molded blue rubber feet provide a sturdy sound projecting base. Requiring no prior music experience the Remo Rhythm Club Bongo Set is an easy to play instrument that gives children a chance to learn the basics of rhythm in a fun and safe manner


Small Snare Drum suitable for children, with 10" diameter. Great for drum practice or playing soldiers

  • Selection of drums for younger children and early years
  • From tin drums with cloth heads, through traditional toy marching drums to the robust Remo kids percussion range, there's something for all aspiring little drummers