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Width extension plate that allows better use of the heck stick


A simple flat jingle stick that fits in your shoelaces


Schlagwerk Martin Rottger Signature Cajon Brush

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A lightweight wood-handled mallet with small foam rubber head for use with Cajon drums

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The MEINL Heel Shaker provides a hands free option by fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn. Simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. It's a great accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and singer/songwriters


Foot Tambourine for Cajon


The MEINL Heel Tambourine provides a hands free option for adding a little jingle to your grooves. Fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn, simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. The stainless steel jingles provide a bright and full sound, making it the perfect accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and singer/songwriters


Spare beater for the Schlagwerk Cajon Pedal - also fits other pedals

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LP1445 Swivel seat for cajon


Meinl CB3 Precision Cajon Brushes - black brushes in a white handle


The MEINL VivaRhythm Cajon 2 Go is the ultimate grab-and-go instrument!  Made entirely of cardboard, this instrument pops up from a single flat piece into a full size cajon in four easy steps.  The structure is stable and can comfortably hold children or adult players.  Inside is a fixed set of snare wires to provide a crisp snare drum sound.  The cardboard material provides naturally deep bass, making the Cajon 2 Go a great, inexpensive alternative to the traditional wood style cajon construction.


Add a castanet sound to your playing with a cajon, djembe, or any other hand percussion instrument. The dual castanets are securely mounted on a Siam Oak base to provide an outstanding traditional castanet sound with the tap of your foot. The strap is fully adjustable and ultra-durable. Great for adding new dimensions of rhythm to any acoustic gig.


Simple but effective, this generously sized padded carry bag will protect your cajon when you carry it to classes or gigs

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A wood-handled mallet with small and large foam rubber heads for use with Cajon drums


Meinl Knee Pad Snare Tap


Cajon Kit for Children


Schlagwerk TA12 Rucksack style Cajon Bag


Schlagwerk CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube insert makes your cajon bass note lower


Heavy duty padded rucksack style carry bag for Cajons with adjustable padded shoulder straps

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Cajon DIY construction kit from Meinl


Cajon players may freely change direction on their instrument with the MEINL Cajon Spinner. This sturdy platform allows you to turn 360 degrees on your cajon, making it effortless to reach other percussion instruments during your set. The spinner is designed to always maintain flat contact with the ground so players feel stable and centered on their cajon. The birch construction also makes for a great resonating surface

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Cajons have gone from being a rather obscure Cuban and Peruvian box drum resembling a packing crate to a versatile and popular all purpose mobile percussion setup

German brand Schlagwerk seem to have perfected the formula, but other very worthwhile drums come from Meinl, LP, Pearl, Stagg, Leiva and others