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Glockenspiel for Children, 8 Note


Great value 15 note metallophone with keys colour coded according to the widely used system also employed with boomwhackers


25 key Chromatic Glockenspiel

RRP £29.99
Save £6.04

27 key Chromatic Glockenspiel with coloured metal notebars and plastic carry-case

RRP £36.95
Save £7.00

Combi Bells, Sharps and Flats


26 Note Glockenspiel with case and beaters

RRP £41.99
Save £6.04

Great value chromatic glockenspiel. Over two octaves


Fabulous 6 note glockenspiel (Allow 3-5 days for delivery)

RRP £78.95
Save £25.95

Pure Tone Auris Diatonic Glockenspiel with 12 brass notes from C to G


Auris Pentatonic Marimba Xylophone


Lovely little Gamelan style instrument for kids - It has a good sound, and is hand made in Bali, Indonesia

  • At the crossroads between rhythm and melody, the tuned percussion family ranges from the more familiar xylophones, glockenspiels and chime bars, via metallophones, hand bells and hand chimes, through to more esoteric steel pans
    and boomwhackers (tuned plastic tubes which have recently passed worldwide sales of 3.5 million sets for their makers, (Whacky Music)
  • A special place in our product line is reserved for the tongue drum, the wooden box with a pattern of slots cut into the top producing a range of different tones. Based on an ancient Aztec prototype, these were our first manufactured product back in 1980 (hence our name). We now source these from the German workshops of Boehme and Schlagwerk. There are versions which are tuned to a definite scale and others which produce a more random range of tones. Beware of imitations - cheap versions of these may look the part but can tend to warp and jam or just sound dead