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Compact timbal 12" x 70cm for young sambistas


Gope timbals (also called timba) are designed and made in order to be as light as possible. Every single component has been developed in order to achieve the lightest samba instrument possible without affecting the great sound quality for what Gope is famous. These are maybe the lightest timbals available. If you dance or move a lot with your batucada, this timba is made for you.
Wooden shells offer a warm and round sound.
Made in Brazil


Izzo Timbals (Timba) Aluminium metal body

From £129.95

Contemporanea Pro wood body Timba 14" x 70cm CTTI1470WP


Contemporânea Timbal, 14" x 90cm Wood Professional. Brazilian Samba percussion


Meinl Timba with wood body - 2 sizes available. Special Order Item - usually available within 5-7 days

From £213.00

Metal Pro Timba from Contemporanea


Contemporânea Timbal, 14" x 90cm Aluminium Professional. 16 tuning lugs

  • Until the end of the 1980's the timbal was merely a small, inconspicuous accompanying instrument in samba sessions. But suddenly the energetic Carlinhos Brown and his fellow musicians had the idea to hang it around their necks like a Djembe and call their band: "Timbalada"!
  • This brilliant idea made the timbal famous worldwide!
  • The sound of the timbal with its clear and concise high tones and its strong bass is a reminiscent of the West-African Djembe...