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This small, 15 note dreamchime has been decorated with careful etching to produce a very attractive pattern across the top length of bamboo. It is a great addition anywhere in the home or garden and creates a magical tinkling as the chimes strike together

Health Balls - Dragon & Phoenix - dark blue. 4cm. Boxed

21 bar lightweight chimes with elaborate carved top

Schalgwerk mini wah-wah tube chime

Table Chime with wooden frame, golden disc & sounder


Zenergy Chime, Trio - lovely high quality meditation or space clearing chimes with three tuned bars

RRP £22.95
Save £3.00

The table top tranquility chime brings peaceful mellow tones to your home or practice room


Musical Bar Chimes with wooden frame

RRP £71.90
Save £6.95

Small Vibratones or Wah-wah tubes, 15-23cm
Set of five tuned FGACD

  • Chimes consist of metallic tubes, solid or hollow
  • Some are suspended from one end either singly or in a row to form a mark tree or chime bar set
  • Others are fixed like the notes of a glockenspiel across a wooden block
  • Vibratones are hand held and have a hole in the side to produce a vibrato effect