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The MEINL VivaRhythm Cajon 2 Go is the ultimate grab-and-go instrument!  Made entirely of cardboard, this instrument pops up from a single flat piece into a full size cajon in four easy steps.  The structure is stable and can comfortably hold children or adult players.  Inside is a fixed set of snare wires to provide a crisp snare drum sound.  The cardboard material provides naturally deep bass, making the Cajon 2 Go a great, inexpensive alternative to the traditional wood style cajon construction.


Cajon DIY construction kit from Meinl


Very Easy DIY Cajon Construction Kit

From £35.95

Cajon DIY construction kit from Meinl with Ovangkol front-plate


The elegant variant of the Schlagwerk assembly kit complements the practical, precisely prefabricated cajon quick assembly kit with a high-quality playing surface of Wenge design veneer. Of course, everything from tension belt to express glue is included – all you need is a hammer and screwdriver. Schlagwerk emphasises once again that even do-it-yourself kits should not compromise on quality.


A unique lightweight x-shaped cajon with two contrasting playing surfaces giving the option of either a snare sound or a drier sound (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Another innovative accessory from Meinl - this small box can attach to most drum pedals to allow rhythmic accompaniment for guitarists and performers of all kinds

RRP £74.95
Save £5.95

Basswood kids' cajón with EasyGo backrest and colourful front board


The Meinl Backpacker Cajon is the ultimate grab and go percussion instrument with its built-in padded shoulder straps. Carry it just like a backpack. When the music starts, just sit down and play! Lightweight for comfortable hands free transportation, the birchwood body of the cajon has a narrow design for deep bass with the straps mounted on the side. Internal snares give you cutting accents and crisp finger rolls. Equipped with rubber feet for full resonance and stability

Allow 5-7 working days for delivery

RRP £84.95
Save £5.45

An adult sized, slope faced Flamenco Cajon with XLR output for stage use - supplied with free custom made bag to fit


De Gregorio Kiyo 'Sweet Spot' Cajon


Meinl Slap-Top Cajon (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Schlagwerk Agile Cajon - Basic Natural


Meinl Slap-Top Cajon with electric pickup featuring bass treble and volume controls - can be used acoustically or with the pickup


Turbo Slap-Top Cajon (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Schlagwerk CP403BLK 2inOne Medium Cajon with removable snare system and dark stained front


The MEINL Subwoofer Cajon features a forward projecting sound port in place of the traditional rear facing style and an internal reflex channel. This results in an enhanced bass note projection, particularly desirable for live and unplugged situations. Allow 5-7 days for dispatch


Schlagwerk CP404 and CP403 2inOne Cajons with removable snare system available in large or medium


Schlagwerk CP404 2inOne Cajon with removable snare system
with dark stained front


Hand-made Kandu Tempest Basic Cajon in Birch-Ply


Unique barrel shaped mango stave cajon with a smaller top and deep belly producing crisp high tones and deep bass tones. The textured seating surface helps with grip. Mahogany stain finish


Boom Box Cajon (Textured finish for brush playing) Allow 5-6 days


Fiberglass Cajon (Allow 5-6 days for delivery)

  • From a packing crate to a versatile mobile percussion setup, the cajon has developed greatly over the last few years - pioneered by Schlagwerk with contributions from Meinl, LP, Leiva, Pearl and Stagg along the way.
  • Smaller cajons are designed for the comfort of players with shorter legs
  • The broader frontplate or other design features of these cajons give you a deeper bass sound . The Schlagwerk bass and Pearl boom box are two notable examples