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Simple but effective small size wave drum or ocean drum


Goki Ocean drum for Children


PP4019 12"Fish Design Wave Drum or Ocean Drum


Ocean drums with natural goat vellum skins. The drums have 2 skins and contain a quantity of tiny balls which roll around on the inside giving the sound of waves against the sea shore. Available in 3 sizes

From £26.95

Double headed Sea / Wave / Ocean drum with 12" wood body and twin clear synthetic heads


A high quality Ocean Drum from Meinl with 18 inch synthetic heads and African Brown body finish


The MEINL Sea Drums create the soothing sounds of the surf, with a great new feature: they sealed the little steel balls between two drum heads, one synthetic and the other natural goatskin. This means you can choose between two completely different timbres within the same drum. A seal-able filling port allows you to control the amount of steel balls inside.

  • Ocean Drums produce the sound of the surf by means of small plastic or metal pellets rolling across the drum skin