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Rubber Beaters for glock and high chime bars


Medium Rubber Beaters for Chime bars Metallophone and Glock


Percussion Plus soft rubber beaters for slit drums


Budget gong betares with felt heads and cane handles

From £4.95

Remo Lollipop Drum Mallets

From £6.20

3 Pairs of Glockenspiel Beaters


Nylon drumstick bag in black


A great medium weight fabric headed mallet for many percussion uses


A lightweight wood-handled mallet with small foam rubber head for use with Cajon drums

RRP £12.50
Save £1.25

A large wooden stick with felt covered head - can be used for gongs or for large temple bowls and singing bowls


Aluminium Handle Mallet for Marching Drum


Unique wood handle surdo beater with jingles screwed onto the sides

RRP £18.95
Save £5.00

Wound Mallets for Bass and Alto xylophone


Soft rubber mallets for tongue drums, balafons and xylophones


Large gong mallet with wood handle and fluffy woollen head - available in three sizes

From £15.95

Percussion Plus PP074 Timpani Mallets with soft head


Wooden mallet with foam head and soft black cover

From £15.95

Aluminium Handle Mallet for Marching Drum


Mallet for Chime Bar Chords

RRP £20.99
Save £2.04

A wood-handled mallet with small and large foam rubber heads for use with Cajon drums

Rubber headed sticks for 'second' pans

Pair of 23cm Sticks for Guitar / Cello Steel Pan


The MEINL Gong Resonant Mallets are designed to create therapeutic and atmospheric gong sounds, similar to whale-singing. Due to the specially treated rubber balls, higher and lower tonesthan those from standard mallets. Use the smaller diameter mallets to produce the higher tones. To achieve the lower tones use the larger ones. The five mallet set ranges from 20mm (0.8") up to 50mm (2").


 A range of beaters and mallets for tuned percussion from glockenspiels and xylophones to steel pans and boomwhackers