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Range of Silk Brocade design cushions for singing bowls, made in Nepal in three sizes
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The MEINL Sonic Enery Singing Bowl Resonant Mallets are manufactured to have an even playing surface to create a steady friction when run round the singing bowl rim


Carved wooden striker for playing your Singing Bowl - with Suede cover at the business end


The type of stick you use for sounding a singing bowl can make a huge difference to the sound characteristics. This doule ended beater from Meinl gives with a choice between harder rubber at one end and softer felt at the other

Very Large Silk Brocade design cushion for singing bowls, made in Nepal - suitable for large singing bowls, crystal bowls

These are our smallest singing bowl gift sets and they contains a machine made brass singing bowl, a wooden striker and a simple cushion; all presented in an elegant handmade Himalayan lokta paper box, printed with a very brief history of the singing bowl, advice on how to play and suggested uses

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Simple design hand-beaten singing bowls from Nepal - sold by weight & diameter

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Medium Patterned Singing Bowl

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Atlas Singing Bowls in Blue
Decorated in blue made from metal. With stick and coloured cushion (Sold singly). Made in India

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This lovely singing bowl comes in red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple or turquoise.
It comes with a cushion and stick and is in its own attractive presentation box


This larger machine made bowl (11cm diameter) produces a rich, full sound. The gift set contains a machine made brass singing bowl, wooden striker (known as a puja stick,) and a simple cushion; all presented in an elegant handmade Himalayan lokta paper box, printed with a very brief history of the singing bowl, advice on how to play and it suggested uses.

Buddhist temple (singing) bowl with cushion and striker
From £39.95

Flat Temple 'Plate' Bell from Thailand with 15cm diameter, complete with striker.


A lovely shallow bowl with oxidised spiral design on the inside. Comes complete with traditional Tibetan fabric fat cushion, striker and info card.

Machine made metal bowls are generally easier to play than traditional hand beaten bowls as they are have a smooth polished finish which allows for a steadier movement, this makes them ideal for people learning or for children. Hand beaten bowls have more complex and overtone rich range of sounds but there is more of a knack to playing them than with machine made bowls.


These singing bowl sets are of the highest quality, each highly decorated bowl has a pattern inlayed in the bottom of the bowl as well as around the outside. Comes in a lovely hand made paper box with stick and cushion


Hand beaten singing bowls from Tibet with a light etching of the Ohm symbol inside the base


A beautiful set of three differently sized bowls, all presented in a lokta paper box with a bodhi leaf. The set comes complete with cushions and a stick.

Origin: Nepal

Beautiful, large Singing Bowls with unpolished black exterior, and highly polished golden interior - approx 1350g

Large, high quality Singing Bowls that are sensitive and responsive, with good form and tone. @1400g each

RRP £139.95
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Cosmos Series Singing Bowls have been designed to accommodate professional meditation and sound therapy workers. With a bellied design created from additional hammering, these bowls generate a sustained deep tone that will fill a room with ambient sounds.

Allow 5-7 days for dispatch

From £134.00
  • Singing bowls of all descriptions from Tibet, India and Vietnam
  • The sound is produced by the steady friction of a wooden rod around the rim of a metallic bowl
  • Can also be tapped  or struck for a more gong or chime-like effect