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Multi-use plain-ended stick 30cm x 15mm. Can be used for Repenique, small Taiko, general percussion, woodblocks, cowbells etc

32cm Sambrasil line repenique stick
The ultimate repinique stick made of American Hickory! The diameter is comfortable and the conical shape lies well in the hand. Both ends are rounded off to protect your head. The perfect stick for repinique players and Rio style caixa players
34cm Conical shape Hornbeam wood Repinique stick

Pair of flexible Samba Reggae and Afro Samba style nylon sticks. No handle grips on these ones


Pair of LP Hickory Timbale Sticks 13" x 0.5"


White whippy repinique sticks with handle


Repinique Sticks can be wooden and used singly, or the plastic whippy stick variety to be used in pairs for samba reggae