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Mbira Dreams by Erica Kundidzora Azim

A tool which can be used to tune our kalimbas yourself.

Guide book for learning Sansula re-tuned to E
RRP £14.95
Save £3.00
Playing the Pentatonic Kalimba Book and CD
RRP £15.95
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RRP £15.95
Save £3.00

Padded oval carry bag for your Sansula

This medium size padded Kalimba or Sanza bag is the perfect accessory for the protection of your treble or celeste Kalimba. NB Does not fit the larger box-construction Alto models KBA015(P), Alto Pentatonic or the Chromatic Kalimba
Introduction and tuition book with CD for the Zimbabwean Nyunga Nyunga Kalimba Mbira

Guide book for learning Sansula re-tuned to A


A 72 page book with a collection of 32 traditional songs for the African karimba. Has links to MP3 files for the tunes

This 74 page book is full of instructional tips and tablature for 64 songs and exercises arranged just for the Hokema B11 Kalimba
The Best Ever Book of 8-Note Kalimba Music by Mark Holdaway
The only book/cd pack available to help you play the magical Sansula

Kalimba Fundamentals for the 15 note Alto Kalimba


Kalimba Fundamentals (Treble)


5 note pentatonic Kalimba with F minor tuning


Pentatonic 9 note Kalimba on a solid base


Diatonic 8 note Kalimba


Pentatonic 10 note Kalimba


Padded carry bag for your sansula


7 Note Pocket Kalimba in C Pentatonic tuning


9 note pocket Travel Kalimba with A minor tuning

Hugh Tracey Kalimba Celeste Diatonic 11 note
Hand-held Mini Afrozula Kalimba with 7 notes in a single row of tines, and decorated Pine wood sound board
  • Kalimbas & Mbiras are plucked instruments originally of  African origin, also known as 'thumb pianos'.
  • Metal tongues of different length project over a metal bridge fastened to a wooden resonator.
  • The tongues are tuned to various scales, either traditional African or western (diatonic or pentatonic) tunings.
  • These is also a range of tuition resources to get you started
  • Some instruments have built in pickups
  • Includes the ethereal 'sansula' from Germany and the Hugh Tracey kalimbas from South Africa
  • Also a couple of well tuned budget models.