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Unshaved cowskin circle for reskinning thick headed drums such as Dundun and Bougarabou

Bespoke anodised aluminium chimes with notes arranged sequentially so that by simply striking the notes a tune is played! Choose a favourite or topical tune for a location. Price depends on number of notes required (see below)

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Off-cuts and short roll ends of good quality djembe rope - please contact us with your requirements

Bamboo Bird Whistle

Black Kambala style djembe tuning rope
From £0.89
Spare string guage 12 loop end

Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope with blue fleck. Price is per metre


Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope. Black with white and red fleck. Price is per metre


Plastic Kazoo gives a great humming sound


Replacement tuning rods and nuts for Surdos and Repeniques

From £1.15

Groan Tube - an acoustic toy that makes a high pitched groaning sound when you tip it end up


Single Egg Shaker


Square Drive Drum Tuning Key


Keyring with a little dholak attached

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RRP £12.95
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Soft Yellow Foam Earplugs (5 pairs)
Agogo Stick by Liverpool

Keyring with a little djembe attached


6mm replacement tuning nut for Samba Tamborim or Pandeiro


Guitar Pitch Pipe