When we first started supplying samba instruments in 1980, they were a bit of a curiosity in the U.K., but now everyone's at it! And quite right too. What better way to involve all ages and abilities in a glorious rhythmic celebration. From Cornwall to the North of Scotland, samba schools, community groups and school bands are beating the living daylights, with varying degrees of subltety, out of surdos, repeniques, caixas, agogos, tamborims and timbals. No street party, no carnival and no parade is complete without it's bateria of enthusiasts playing (often home grown) versions of batucada, maracatu, afoxe and samba reggae rhythms. We don't forget the professional players either, with a range of top quality instruments for the more ambitious.

Many of you know of the problems of continuity of supply from Brazil, so we try to source a variety of different brands from different suppliers - Gope, Artcelsior, Izzo, Contemporanea, Ivsom, Remo and Meinl to name just some. Also with our warehouse facility, we can have the instruments on the shelves rather than just on paper! We won't always have the precise item you want but we're working on it! From single instruments to samba packs.