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Pair of egg maracas with short handle


Pair of Long Handle Egg Maracas


Pair of Frog Maracas in Red


Carved Gourd Maraca from Peru


Classic Mexican style maracas


Shipibo Maraca-style Shaker with Peruvian design


Plastic Maracas (pair)


6 shaky eggs in an egg box with all white eggs


6 shaky eggs in an egg box with mixed colours


Pair of Rainbow Striped Maracas


Double Headed Wooden Rainbow Maracas


Large Coconut Shakers with Handle (Pair)


Tycoon TMP-B black plastic Maracas offer the best value on the market - great price and a good loud sound


Wood handle, plastic body, great tone


Schlagwerk Shake Hand Glove Shaker system


Pair of Pearl Beaded Maracas


Pearl PFM-50 Maracabasa (pair)


Auto-maraca for foot pedal bracket


Classic Salsa Maracas from LP with wood handle and rawhide shells in a free cotton carry pouch

  • Any hollow body of wood, metal, plastic or even vegetable origin, can be filled with small seeds, pellets or gravel and shaken to musical effect
  • The most famous is the maraca used in South American countries
  • More recently, new innovatory or hybrid shakers have been produced especially by Pearl and Meinl