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Tie-on snare wires for Rio style Caixa samba snare drums


12" desktop practice drum pad, ten-sided shape. These practice pads feature a large rubber surface for a realistic drum feel, and solid wooden base for maximum stability.


Tie-on snare wires for caixa samba snares. Pack of 12


Izzo Junior 12" Caixa, - lighter weight, 12inch head with 20cm body depth - Junior model with painted hardware

RRP £72.00
Save £13.70

Robust budget snare drum includes sticks


Izzo Aluminium Caixa de Guerra, 12inch head with 15cm body depth - pro model with chromed hardware


Izzo Large Caixa Snare 14" x 15cm


"Light series" 12 inch caixa with painted aluminium hardware, and aluminium body


Contemporanea Pro Caixa 10inch x 15cm

RRP £109.00
Save £14.00

"Light series" 12 inch caixa with painted aluminium hardware, and aluminium body


Mini Caixa de Guerra in the Contemporanea Pro series. 12" x 15cm, with 6 tuners

RRP £119.00
Save £19.00

Caixa by Pearl (allow 5-7 days for delivery)

From £105.00

With shells made from premium aluminum, these caixas produce the classic bright and cutting sound with penetrating rim shots that these instruments are supposed to deliver (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)

From £105.00

Meinl Traditional Caixa 12" x 15cm (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Very fancy Timbra Malacacheta Snare 12 x 20 in white with gold hardware

RRP £129.00
Save £20.00

Contemporanea Pro Malacacheta Deep Body Samba Snare Drum 12" x 20cm

Allow 5-7 days for delivery

RRP £143.00
Save £24.00

Contemporanea Caixa de Guerra 14" x 15cm loud Samba Snare Drum

  • The caixa is the snare drum used in Brazilian samba percussion, providing  driving rhythms which push the music forward and make it swing
  • Some have familiar snare wires on the bottom drum head and others use a thicker wire snare, or wound guitar string on the playing head
  • Names such as Caixa, Caixa de Guerra, Tarol and Malacacheta cover the range of samba snare drums
  • Drums from Izzo, Gope, Meinl, Pearl and Contemporanea