One quality unites the diverse range of instruments in this section - your breath. Whether it's a  flute, single reed, double reed, harmonica or melodica, and wherever in the world these  instruments originated from, people need their breath to play them, so if you've got the wind this is  the place to come. If you've run out of breath use the bellows instead in harmoniums and shruti  boxes.

This part of our online musical instrument shop truly demonstrates the global nature of music. In the wind instruments section, and we have a list to leave you breathless. There are Indian and Chinese flutes, shengs, xiaos and ba-hu, and South American panpipes, harmonicas, melodicas  and harmoniums, Australian didgeridoos, Scottish bagpipes, nose flutes, slide whistles and kazoos, penny whistles, low whistles and just plain whistles!

Wherever we can find tuition materials, we include those too, to help you get started or to improve your technique. Wind instruments such as panpipes, xaphoons and ocarinas are great musical  instruments for children, and schools continue to teach our children these classic instruments, so  we have a range of materials that can help you learn in your spare time at home or also in class.

Every band or orchestra needs a bit of wind behind it, so check out our drums, percussion  instruments and stringed instruments sections, and pretty soon your line-up will be complete.