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Plain Wooden Drum Beater for use with large drums such as Surdo, Dunduns, other Bass drums


Wooden Surdo Beater


Kids Surdo Beater - lightweight and smaller size for children

Meinl SBH Surdo beater holder for drum slings

Liverpool MC-55 Surdo Beater, Aluminium shaft


Olodum style surdo beater with aluminium shaft and rubber handle. 42cm


Liverpool 'Sambrasil' surdo beater, oval head


Original Rio style Samba beaters. Surdo beaters for Rio style Samba for the surdo de primeira and surdo de segunda.Long hard wood handle for optimal leverage and hard head for full bass sound on goat skin heads


The short hard wood beater is the perfect size for the surdo de terceira. Are you ready for this handy little devil? Head and handle are made of hard wood, the head is hardly padded - ideal for a furious rebound and the typical sound on natural heads


Medium sized surdo beater for Rio style Samba for the surdo de terceira or also the primeira and segunda. Medium long wood handle for optimal leverage and hard head for full bass sound and rebound on goat skin heads


Liverpool SB-S2 Sambrasil fluffy surdo beater


Surdo beater, fluffy & cuddly


Classical hardwood surdo beaters for dobras - the high Samba Reggae surdos


Large beater for marching bass drum or surdo


D20 ALLROUND surdo beater with wood handle for all head types and voices, semi-hard head and well balanced

Our multi-talented all-rounder beater for all occasions: - the ALLROUND D20 has a slim body and is wonderfully comfortable to hold and play with - the handle is made of hard-wood and has the typical warm wood haptics - the medium hard head give a good attack and a present sound

Ideal for: Nylon heads, inverted nappa heads, vintage heads Surdo voices 1 + 2

Can do: If you play low surdo voices as well as high ones and just want to use one type of beaters, you 'll be quite fine with this one. For korino heads we recommend the version with the bigger and softer padded head - the FUNDO. If you play carefully, you can also use the D20 for korino heads


Unique wood handle surdo beater with jingles screwed onto the sides

RRP £18.95
Save £5.00

Large, extra-soft surdo mallets for XL bass

For all you surdo players who love adding an XL bass sound to your bloco, our FUNDO surdo beater is just what you need for surdo voices 1+2 in Samba Reggae or Bahian styles. The mallets are well balanced, have an extra large, soft head for a warm, massive sound with very little attack or overtones. They are particularly suitable for playing on korino heads due to the interior construction of the head - its diameter is larger than our other models and it has additional padding. The handle is made of resistant hard wood so it is able to take show elements well


Flipo Dobra Slender Aluminium Shaft Surdo Beater


Meinl SB2 16" Surdo Beater with felt head


Meinl SB3 16" Surdo Beater felt head


Flipo S02 Aluminium Shaft Surdo Beater


Surdo Beater, Dobra Aluminium


Meinl Bushy Felt Surdo Beater

  • Beaters for Surdo drums
  • Brazilian Surdo beaters
  • Top brands
  • Wood or aluminium shaft
  • Felt, cloth or puff heads
  • Brands include Macapart, Meinl, Liverpool and Flipo