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Width extension plate that allows better use of the heck stick


A simple flat jingle stick that fits in your shoelaces


The MEINL Heel Shaker provides a hands free option by fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn. Simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. It's a great accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and singer/songwriters


Foot Tambourine for Cajon


The MEINL Heel Tambourine provides a hands free option for adding a little jingle to your grooves. Fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn, simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. The stainless steel jingles provide a bright and full sound, making it the perfect accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and singer/songwriters


Spare beater for the Schlagwerk Cajon Pedal - also fits other pedals

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LP1445 Swivel seat for cajon


Add a castanet sound to your playing with a cajon, djembe, or any other hand percussion instrument. The dual castanets are securely mounted on a Siam Oak base to provide an outstanding traditional castanet sound with the tap of your foot. The strap is fully adjustable and ultra-durable. Great for adding new dimensions of rhythm to any acoustic gig.


Meinl Knee Pad Snare Tap


Schlagwerk CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube insert makes your cajon bass note lower


Cajon players may freely change direction on their instrument with the MEINL Cajon Spinner. This sturdy platform allows you to turn 360 degrees on your cajon, making it effortless to reach other percussion instruments during your set. The spinner is designed to always maintain flat contact with the ground so players feel stable and centered on their cajon. The birch construction also makes for a great resonating surface


Foot-action click effect


Heck Stick by Schlagwerk


New design Heck Stick from Schlagwerk

Bliss Series Splash Cymbals
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Another innovative accessory from Meinl - this small box can attach to most drum pedals to allow rhythmic accompaniment for guitarists and performers of all kinds

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Schlagwerk Set75 Heck stick and Side Kick set


A great idea for any singer or performer, and less intrusive on the stage area than a bass drum, the Meinl Bassbox is an easy way to add punchy, thumping foundation rhythm to your music. The BassBoX is playable from a standing or sitting position. The attached aluminium rail will mount to any common foot pedal. An L-shaped bass pedal beater specifically designed for the Bassbox is included. 


Meinl FX10 percussion effects pedal / stomp box (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Schlagwerk CAP100 remote Cajon pedal


It's slightly ironic that you have the wonderful simplicity of the oblong rhythm box known as the cajon, and then start inventing a plethora of  exotic extras to stick on the outside

However, these ingenious accessories genuinely add to the range of sonic possibilities for the non purist!

Schlagwerk, Meinl and Pearl have been particularly busy in the bits and pieces department