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Replacement tuning rods and nuts for Surdos and Repeniques

From £1.15

Square Drive Drum Tuning Key


3.5cm long tamborim lug, nut and bracket


6mm replacement tuning nut for Samba Tamborim or Pandeiro


Tie-on snare wires for Rio style Caixa samba snare drums


Black painted 1/4" Tuning Rods for Contemporanea Ginga Samba Drums (priced singly)

From £2.35

10mm Flat Tuning spanner / key for samba drums


Chromed 1/4" Tuning Rods for Contemporanea Pro Samba Drums (priced singly)

From £2.95

Dedicated tuning lug for nesting surdos


Metal side bracket for tuning assembly on Tamborims or Pandeiros - bolt on style


Tuning rod for Gope Samba Drums in various sizes

From £6.50

12" snare wires for small snare drums


Dedicated tuning lug / rods for Meinl Surdos - please see detail below to choose your correct rod


Spare parts replacement tuning lug side bracket for the Contemporanea nesting surdo CTNES series drums


Tie-on snare wires for caixa samba snares. Pack of 12

  • Spare parts for samba instruments including tuning rods, nuts and lugs for surdos, repeniques, tamborims etc
  • Spare wires for snares and malacacheta drums