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Cuica Cloth


Replacement Head for Cuica

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Cuica head replacement

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8" Cuica Head with stick for Pearl 8" cuica

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Cuica, Stainless Steel 6 inch diameter


Izzo Stainless Steel Cuica, 8inch x 30cm


Cuica, Stainless steel, 10 inch diameter


8" Cuica by Pearl


A wood cuica is something else! Its weight is comparable to cuicas with metal shells in the same size, however, its sound has a slightly warmer touch. 8" is quite a compact size, easy to take on a Samba trip and suitable for playing in a small bateria or a Pagode / Samba de Mesa. The head is fitted ready to play, the bamboo stick might need to be sanded down slightly when dry with a piece of sandpaper. The head will then react more easily. Keep in mind that a thinner stick will also be more sensitive. The shell is made of solid wood with a clear paint finish. Cuicas are extraordinary instruments which can often be seen in Brazilian Samba schools and also have their earnt place in 'chamber music' versions of Samba like the Pagode and Samba de Mesa. Versatile, original and in any case a real enrichment for many Brazilian music styles!

Delivery 5-7 days

  • The cuica produces its mad, monkey like rhythmic sound by means of a thin bamboo stick attached to a drum head which is, in turn, mounted on a drum shell
  • The player rubs the stick with a piece of damp cloth and applies varying pressure to the drum head creating the characteristic almost human wailing sound
  • We supply, when available, instruments from Gope, Artcelsior, Remo, Contemporanea and others, together with spare cuica heads and sticks