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Cuica Cloth


Replacement Head for Cuica

From £8.95

Cuica head replacement

From £13.95

8" Cuica Head with stick for Pearl 8" cuica

RRP £36.00
Save £6.05

Small Gope Cuica 6" x 17cm


Cuica, Stainless Steel 6 inch diameter


Cuica, Stainless steel, 10 inch diameter


Heavy duty 8" Cuica from Gope with natural head and 8 tuning rods

RRP £99.00
Save £9.05

Meinl 10 inch Aluminium Cuica (Usually dispatched within 3-4 days)


8" Cuica by Pearl

  • The cuica produces its mad, monkey like rhythmic sound by means of a thin bamboo stick attached to a drum head which is, in turn, mounted on a drum shell
  • The player rubs the stick with a piece of damp cloth and applies varying pressure to the drum head creating the characteristic almost human wailing sound
  • We supply, when available, instruments from Gope, Artcelsior, Remo, Contemporanea and others, together with spare cuica heads and sticks