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Liverpool GA-90 Ganza Egg

RRP £9.95
Save £4.00

Liverpool Single Ganzas from Brazil

From £6.95

Meinl Aluminium Samba shakers or Ganza in 3 sizes

From £10.95

Ganza Meinl large double


Ganza Meinl medium double


Wood handle Rocar shaker


Gope Chocalho with 30 pairs of jingles


Large Rocar (also called chocalho) made of aluminium. Made in Brasil.

Very loud!


Chocalho samba shaker

Aluminium Chocalho with 60 jingles
  • Knock on Wood samba shakers or chocalho selection
  • Chocalho is the generic Brazilian term for any shaker and they can be of two main types
  • Ganzas are metal cylinders with a fill of small stones or beads
  • Rocars use jingles attached to a metal frame or a wooden handle
  • All the top brands including Gope, Izzo, Peal, Meinl, Liverpool, Contemporanea