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A handy music starter pack with a variety of instruments for children. Includes a starter Glockenspiel in C, a Harmonica and 2 Egg Shakers


A handy music starter pack with a variety of instruments for children. Includes an 8 note glockenspiel, a small triangle and pair of finger cymbals

RRP £14.99
Save £4.04

A selection box of 6 'junk percussion' items made with recycled bottle tops, water bottles etc, mixed with natural materials


Baby Set, shake, rattle, roll!


Music Set with Flower Theme

RRP £27.95
Save £10.00

Free Music CD included


Small pack of mixed percussion instruments

RRP £24.95
Save £2.45

Natural woven basket containing six instruments - mainly natural nut rattles with the addition of a croaking frog

RRP £49.95
Save £10.00
RRP £42.95
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RRP £60.00
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Basket of Natural Plant Instruments


Large bag containing 17 items of Hand Percussion


Small Hands Percussion Set with Carry Bag

RRP £79.99
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African Shaker Pack with 10 Instruments


Seed Pod Instrument Pack


Great Value 21 Player Percussion Pack (with storage box)

RRP £89.00
Save £10.00

A vibrant and fun instrument pack


African Music Basket


Great value set of 12 authentic African percussion instruments. Ideal for schools. Save 30% off the individual prices when bought separately


South American Music Pack


Strong wicker basket containing 9 interesting and unusual instruments including a spring-thunder drum, basket rattle, claves, cricket shaped guiro etc

RRP £149.95
Save £40.00

This NINO® Rhythm sets includes 15 individual instruments. It is perfect for use in kindergarten, schools, or percussion groups. These collections of different instruments are the ideal way to explore the complete NINO® world of percussion and rhythm


A selection of instruments to encourage exploration of unusual sounds


An African Adventure Instrument Pack

  • A selection instrument packs to kick start your music sessions
  • Early years and classroom percussion in storage bags and boxes
  • Careful selections of hand percussion from Africa, South America and elsewhere
  • Carefully chosen packs for drum circle work