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Off-cuts and short roll ends of good quality djembe rope - please contact us with your requirements
Black Kambala style djembe tuning rope
From £0.89

Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope with blue fleck. Price is per metre


Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope. Black with white and red fleck. Price is per metre


Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope with red green and gold fleck. Price is per metre

Soft Yellow Foam Earplugs (5 pairs)

Keyring with a little djembe attached


Multi-use plain-ended stick 30cm x 15mm. Can be used for Repenique, small Taiko, general percussion, woodblocks, cowbells etc

Soft yellow foam earplugs, round ends, not corded
From £1.99

Plain Wooden Drum Beater for use with large drums such as Surdo, Dunduns, other Bass drums

Pack of 10 3M foam earplugs with cord
From £2.99

Classic Black plastic ref's whistle - also great for drumming and samba bands for it's strong sound

RRP £4.75
Save £0.80

Beautiful necklace with a little wooden Dundun on a cord with beads. Handmade in Guinea, West Africa

RRP £4.95
Save £1.00

Wooden Surdo Beater


Pod shaped bell from West Africa, variously known as Apitua, Atoke, Banana Bell and Pod Bell. Available in three sizes, these bells are used in the hand, or attached to the ropes of a dundun bass drums

From £5.95

Deluxe Black Djembe Hat

Single hand Power Grip or Cleat Grip

Padded cotton djembe hat with Knock on Wood Logo


Deluxe Black Djembe Hat

From £8.95

Small wooden djembe drum for children - just 8" tall. Can be used as a finger drum for your desk


Padded deluxe djembe bag with reinforced top and Knock on Wood Logo


Spare tuning lug for Toca mechanically tuned djembes from the Freestyle range


Sling strap for one shoulder


The sound of African drums is one of the most inspiring, heartfelt and thunderous noises in the  world. African instruments and the music they generate play a huge part in African culture and our  African drums section is one of the most popular on our online musical instrument shop. The  djembe drum is by far the best known of the African drums and is usually played alongside  dundun bass drums (also known as djuns and doum doums).

Our brands include Kambala, Bucara, Toca, LP, Afroton, Pearl, and Meinl, and we import drums direct from Mali and Ghana, including our fabulous Lenke djembes, making sure we are utilising  Fair Trade methods to support local people and their economies. We also stock a wide range of  bags, straps, hats and accessories for djembe drums and tuning rope, to support our djembe  drums reskinning service.

Drums have always been fantastic musical instruments for kids, but they are easy to pick up and  use for people of all ages and abilities. We offer tuition materials for various African instruments  and along with the drums we offer from other areas of the world, you can combine African drums  with percussion instruments, stringed instruments and wind instruments to create your own  unique sound