Wherever you travel in the world, one common love unites everything; music. Here at Knock On Wood we celebrate that universal love and the power music has to explain and celebrate cultures, to bring people together, to educate and to simply spread joy.

Our website illustrates our love of music and the variety of ways in which it enriches our  lives. So whether you are learning a new skill, developing a current one or just playing something for the sheer love of it, we have something for you. We have musical instruments for kids, but also  percussion instrumentsstringed instrumentswind instruments and a wide selection of drums from African drums to Samba drums for all ages and levels of expertise.

All our products are high quality and many of them are hand made by local craftspeople from  around the world using traditional techniques. Wherever possible we use Fair Trade procurement routes. We also offer accessories, information about classes and workshops, and gift vouchers for a loved one.

We are committed to celebrating the joy of music, so join us on our journey and we will bring life, love and laughter into your home, school or wherever in the world you are.