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Attractive finger-style drum from Vietnam

From £10.95

Tunable Hand Drum or Frame Drum with goat skin head, in smaller sizes up to 12inch diameter

From £11.95

Remo Frame drum with Fiberskyn from 8" to 16"

From £16.95

Remo Frame/Hand Drum with Renaissance head

From £16.95

Tunable, natural head frame or hand drums

From £19.95

A quality wooden hand drum with a 10" tunable synthetic Remo head


RRP £47.95
Save £19.95

Self build kit for you to make your own Shamanic Frame Drum in one of three sizes - 14, 15 or 16" diameter


22" Remo Fibreskyn frame or hand drum


Remo 22" Frame/Hand Drum with Renaissance head


The frame drum is one of the most ancient musical instruments, reputed to be the first drum invented. Traditionally played in spiritual ceremonies. These beautifully made oval drums come with a carry bag and leather ended beater

From £59.00

Wooden, goat skinned shaman drum with cross handle, bag and leather beater

From £59.95

Shamanic drum available in three sizes with hair left on the skin for a deeper, softer sound. Provided with a soft headed beater

From £89.00

A flat drum on a detachable metal tripod with a specially designed beech wood frame and dark synthetic head. Produces a deep, warm sound. 

From £89.00

16inch Tar, Fixed Skyndeep Snakeskin

Allow 5-7 days for delivery


Meinl FD20D-TF 20" Daf with 'True Feel' head (Usually dispatched within 5-7 days)


Set of 5 kids' hand drums made by Remo


Frame drum set. Five drums from 10" to 18" diameter


Remo Bendir, North African style frame drum

From £113.50

Traditional Bendirs with hand selected Goatskin Head (usually dispatched within 5-7 days)

From £115.00

Buffalo Drum with a warm, mellow sound


Bendirs with True Feel synthetic head (usually dispatched within 5-7 days)

From £121.00

Remo Circle Sound Shape Pack


18inch Tar, Fixed, Skyndeep Synthetic skins with Goatskin graphic

Allow 5-7 days for dispatch


Deep Shell Mizhars with True Feel synthetic head (usually dispatched in 5-7 days)

From £124.00
  • Tambours are shallow frame drums without jingles
  • They can range from a simple, lightweight hand drum such as the Remo range through to large diameter circle drums
  • See also the Middle Eastern section for tars, dafs, bendirs and riqs