A description of percussion instruments, ie. ‘something you strike or shake’ doesn’t do justice to  the wild and weird range of shapes and sizes that exist. 

The variety of hand percussion instruments in our online musical instrument shop can be  bewildering, so we have divided them up into categories for ease of navigation. Whether you need  a pair of claves, castanets or a triangle through to sound effects like the vibraslap, the flexatone or  the vibratone, you should be able to find it here.

Percussion instruments can create the perfect vibe for illustrating different cultures and areas of  the world, and are a very subtle addition to music; a delicate touch that adds depth and style. They are fantastic musical instruments for kids and we offer great value packs that provide  educational value, and also combinations and instruments that assist children with special needs. 

Shakers, scrapers, blocks and jingles, rattles and chimes are all in this section, with selections  made for you, grouped into packs with containers for ease of storage and economy. Our  percussion instruments are great fun, easy-to-use and get everyone involved, check out our range today and see how you can complement our other musical instruments with a little deft percussion.