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Remo Lollipop Drum Mallets

From £6.20

A great medium weight fabric headed mallet for many percussion uses


Padded carry bag for Pandeiros in 10" and 12" sizes. Quilted padded nylon with shoulder strap

From £9.95

Attractive finger-style drum from Vietnam

From £10.95

A lightweight wood-handled mallet with small foam rubber head for use with Cajon drums

RRP £12.50
Save £1.25

Tunable Hand Drum or Frame Drum with goat skin head, in smaller sizes up to 12inch diameter

From £11.95

Goat skin vellum for drums & banjos. Smooth white thin vellum of Goat skin.

From £13.95

Padded, quilted carry bag (9cm deep) for Frame Drums and Shamanic Drums in 5 sizes between 14" and 22" diameter

From £15.95

Remo Frame drum with Fiberskyn from 8" to 16"

From £16.95

Remo Frame/Hand Drum with Renaissance head

From £16.95
Eastern Calf vellum - thin, transluscent, hairless vellum skin

Deluxe Padded Carry Bag for Pandeiros in 10" and 12" sizes, with adjustable shoulder strap

From £17.95

A carry bag for 16" Bodhrans up to 8" deep

Thicker, 22" white Calf vellum - hairless vellum skin. Good for Bodhrans, frame drums etc up to 18"

Tunable, natural head frame or hand drums

From £19.95

Strong padded carry bag for frame drums with grab handle and shoulder strap, available in 6 sizes for 14 to 24 inch drums, up to 4 inches depth

From £21.95

A quality wooden hand drum with a 10" tunable synthetic Remo head


RRP £47.95
Save £19.95

Meinl Frame Drum Bag. 2.5" deep

From £31.90

Medium Painted Shamanic Drum with 12" diameter

Accessories to give your frame drums some Buzz
RRP £44.50
Save £6.55

Self build kit for you to make your own Shamanic Frame Drum in one of three sizes - 14, 15 or 16" diameter


Deluxe bag for a shaman drum or frame drum. If you love your precious drum, you'll want this bag!

From £51.95

22" Remo Fibreskyn frame or hand drum


Remo 22" Frame/Hand Drum with Renaissance head


Our selection of frame drums, hand drums and tambours from Knock on Wood, Meinl and Remo, Schlagwerk, Rhythm Carival and Stagg. Some are pre-tuned whilst others are tunable.