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Remo Lollipop Drum Mallets

From £6.20
Waltons bodhran skin conditioning cream

A great medium weight fabric headed mallet for many percussion uses


Padded carry bag for Pandeiros in 10" and 12" sizes. Quilted padded nylon with shoulder strap

From £9.95

Attractive finger-style drum from Vietnam

From £10.95

A lightweight wood-handled mallet with small foam rubber head for use with Cajon drums

RRP £12.50
Save £1.25

Tunable Hand Drum or Frame Drum with goat skin head, in smaller sizes up to 12inch diameter

From £11.95

Goat skin vellum for drums & banjos. Smooth white thin vellum of Goat skin.

From £13.95

Padded, quilted carry bag (9cm deep) for Frame Drums and Shamanic Drums in 5 sizes between 14" and 22" diameter

From £15.95

Remo Frame drum with Fiberskyn from 8" to 16"

From £16.95

Remo Frame/Hand Drum with Renaissance head

From £16.95
Eastern Calf vellum - thin, transluscent, hairless vellum skin

Deluxe Padded Carry Bag for Pandeiros in 10" and 12" sizes, with adjustable shoulder strap

From £17.95
Thicker, 22" white Calf vellum - hairless vellum skin. Good for Bodhrans, frame drums etc up to 18"

Tunable, natural head frame or hand drums

From £19.95

Strong padded carry bag for frame drums with grab handle and shoulder strap, available in 6 sizes for 14 to 24 inch drums, up to 4 inches depth

From £21.95

Meinl Frame Drum Bag. 2.5" deep

From £31.90

Medium Painted Shamanic Drum with 12" diameter

Accessories to give your frame drums some Buzz
RRP £44.50
Save £6.55

Self build kit for you to make your own Shamanic Frame Drum in one of three sizes - 14, 15 or 16" diameter


Deluxe bag for a shaman drum or frame drum. If you love your precious drum, you'll want this bag!

From £51.95

22" Remo Fibreskyn frame or hand drum


Remo 22" Frame/Hand Drum with Renaissance head


Very well padded quality frame drum bag with extra depth for deeper drums. Adjustable shoulder strap, carry handle and quality zip


Our selection of frame drums, hand drums and tambours from Knock on Wood, Meinl and Remo, Schlagwerk, Rhythm Carival and Stagg. Some are pre-tuned whilst others are tunable.