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From £3.95

Mini Cutaway Tambourine by Stagg


Simple Tambourine with hide head

From £4.95
A large well made jingle stick with plastic body, rubber handle and 6 pairs of steel jingles

Colourful Tambourine


Tambourine, Headless 8" double row of jingles


Colourful Susibelle design tambourine for kids with 6" diameter wood body and 4 sets of jingles

A clever attachment to add tambourine jingle sounds to snare drums etc, available in two sizes for small or large snare drums

8" Hide Head Tambourine with Double Jingles

Dadi Bat Tambourine with 6 pairs of jingles.
RRP £10.95
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Jingle Tambourine for Foot Percussion

LP188 Foot Tambourine attaches to your foot by an elastic strap
Tambourine, Mountable Half Moon by Stagg

Cyclops Tambourine

  • Loads of tambourines
  • Headless or skinned
  • Tunable or pre-tuned
  • From small to large
  • Brands include, Percussion Plus, LP, Pearl, Remo and Rhythm Tech