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A unique repenique designed to fit inside the nesting surdos

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  • Lighter weight, perfect for beginners and kids
  • Easy to play
  • Built to last thanks to aluminium shell
  • Five lugs help to keep it in tune
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Handy and compact - 10" repinique by Timbra

If weight or less luggage is important to you this Timbra repinique is ideal and the sound is excellent too.  Also kids and young sambistas will find the 10" a convenient size as it is only a little bit smaller than the standard 12" repinique but simply a lot handier. In terms of sound you don't have to lower your expectations, as with a 10" repinique you are just as able to play proper calls and solis, though of course the resonance body is a bit smaller. You can play it in Rio Samba, Samba Reggae / Afro Samba or in kids- and school bands, size and sound are perfect for any style! Weighing only 2,3 kg it is a pretty light instrument, the shell is made of polished aluminium, all hardware is chromed.


Repinique Contemporanea Ginga diameter


Meinl RE12 12inch Repinique 

Allow 5-7 days for dispatch

  • The lead drum of the samba bateria, the repinique or repique (repenique) marks out introductions, changes and endings with its high pitched machine gun rhythms
  • Drums, when available from Izzo, O Profissional, Artcelsior, Contemporanea, Meinl, Pearl Remo etc plus protective bags and cases, replacement heads and drum slings